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LED Highbays & Corn Lights are used in areas that require a good light source spread over a large area. Most commonly used for Commercial warehouses, Industrial, sports stadium, halls that require a good light source but saving on energy in comparison to the high energy Mercury Vapour Lamps. A wide range of Wattage options & Colour Temperatures available to suit and target the right areas and save on costs of energy.

LED Corn Light 27W Frosted 5000K E27

SKU: S3927W025KE27F
123.81 123.81 123.81 AUD

LED Corn Light 27W Clear 5000K E27 IP64

SKU: S3927W025KE27
118.94 118.94 118.94 AUD

LED Corn Light 54W Frost 5000K E40 IP64

SKU: S3954W025KE40
137.50 137.50 137.5 AUD

LED Corn Light 36W Frost 5000K E40

SKU: S3936W025KE40
147.32 147.32 147.32 AUD

Deluxlite Silver LED Highbay 260W 240V 5000K

758.11 758.11 758.11 AUD

LED Corn Light 12W Frost 4000K E27

SKU: S3912W02
62.99 62.99 62.99 AUD

LED Corn Light 18W Frost 4000K E27

SKU: S3918W02
79.20 79.20 79.2 AUD

LED Corn Light 36W Clear 3000K E27

SKU: S2836W02C
104.50 104.50 104.5 AUD

LED Corn Light 80W Clear 5000K E40

SKU: S3180W035K
280.46 280.46 280.46 AUD

LED Corn Light 27W Frost 4000K E27

SKU: S3927W02
107.91 107.91 107.91 AUD

LED Corn Light 19W Clear 3000K E27

SKU: S2819W02C
71.50 71.50 71.5 AUD

Silver LED Highbay 160W 240V 5000K

SKU: HB010PC160
687.10 687.10 687.1 AUD

High Power LED Highbay PC 80W 6500K

792.28 792.28 792.28 AUD

LED Corn Light 19W Frost 3000K E27

SKU: GKS2819W02
95.35 95.35 95.35000000000001 AUD

LED Corn Light 27W Frost 3000K E27

SKU: S3927023K
205.44 205.44 205.44 AUD