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LED Lighting is one of the more energy efficient modern technologies to help save on those high energy bills for residential & business consumers.

LED (Light-emitting Diode) is a semiconductor light source in which it emits light when current flows through it. They can be up to 85% more efficient in energy than standard incandescent or halogen globes as well as having a longer life span.

GMT Lighting carries a wide range of LED categories & brands to choose from to suit all residential & commercial business needs.

View our range of LED's today and start saving!

LED Candle Frosted 5W 3000K Dimmable E27

SKU: 65959
12.08 12.08 12.08 AUD

LED Heritage Filament Candle Clear 4.8W 2700K Dimmable E27

SKU: 15043L
13.20 13.20 13.200000000000001 AUD

LED PAR38 18W 5000K Dimmable E27

SKU: 66431
36.26 36.26 36.26 AUD

LED Bulb R80 10.5W 4000K E27

SKU: G15085L
20.90 20.90 20.900000000000002 AUD

Smarter Lighting SupValue 6.7W 60D 3000K GU10 Dimmable

SKU: 142022A
9.79 9.79 9.790000000000001 AUD

Lus LED Downlight 7W 60D 3000K GU10 Dimmable

SKU: 20103
13.12 13.12 13.120000000000001 AUD

LED MR16 5W 60D 2700K GU5.3 Dimmable

SKU: 10587
9.35 9.35 9.35 AUD