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The High Intensity Discharge lights is a series of lamps typically of electrical gas-discharge lamps and creates light by passing a current through a gas – much like the fluorescent lights. However, as the name implies, High Intensity Discharge lamps are much brighter and produce much higher lumens.

Best used in area’s where bright light is needed, such as warehouses, car headlights, and factories.

The family of lights has three main subtypes – Metal Halides, High-Pressure Sodium Lights, and Mercury Vapour Lamps.

Master MHN-SA 2000W/956 400V XW HO X830R

SKU: 928195105129
673.20 673.20 673.2 AUD

HQL MBF-U Mercury Vapour Lamp 400W 3300K E40

SKU: 0131
51.83 51.83 51.83 AUD

Master Colour CDM-T Elite 35W 3000K 90V G12

SKU: 7009
72.30 72.30 72.3 AUD

Tungsram Ceramic Metal Halide Supermini Lamp 20W 95V 3000K GU6.5

SKU: 40399
130.89 130.89 130.89000000000001 AUD

Master Colour CDM-T Elite 35W 4200K 90V G12

SKU: 70094
72.29 72.29 72.29 AUD

HWL MBFT Mercury Vapour Lamp 500W 3700K E40

SKU: 261266
88.86 88.86 88.86 AUD

HQL MBF-U Mercury Vapour Lamp 125W 4000K E27

SKU: 0127
41.97 41.97 41.97 AUD