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LED GLS Lights are the most common LED options going around. They have been used over the years to replace the standard Incandescent light globes that were common around
all homes around Australia for decades. The LED GLS Globes save up to 85% of energy to the standard incandescent globes and come in a wide range of Dimmable/Non-Dimmable, Colour Temperature options to suit the right light fittings.

LED Bright Stik 10W 4000K E27 Non-Dimmable

SKU: G74554
14.06 14.06 14.06 AUD

LED Classic A 11W GLS 3000K E27 Non-Dimmable

SKU: 66273
14.42 14.42 14.42 AUD

LED Classic A 14W GLS 4000K B22 Dimmable

SKU: 66313
21.57 21.57 21.57 AUD

LED Classic A 15W GLS 6500K E27 Dimmable

SKU: 65260
24.45 24.45 24.45 AUD

LED Classic A 15W GLS 6500K B22 Dimmable (66314)

SKU: 66314
24.40 24.40 24.400000000000002 AUD

LED R60 7.2W GLS 2700K E27 Non-Dimmable

SKU: 740100
31.76 31.76 31.76 AUD