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We stock a large range of speciality lamps within our specialised lamps range for niche markets, ranging from Medical Lamps, Architectural Lights, Automotive Lights, Dental Lighting, Stage Studio Lights, Reptile and Aquarium Lighting and more!

Epson Lamp for BrightLink 450Wi (E2219) ELPLP57

SKU: 6021364-BrightLink 450Wi
288.90 288.90 288.90000000000003 AUD

IsoLED Mini LED Examination Head Light System

SKU: IL-2396
2,124.87 2,124.87 2124.87 AUD

Isolux Magnum LED Battery Powered Surgical Headlight

SKU: IL-2399
8,727.20 8,727.20 8727.2 AUD

IsoLED Plus+ Portable Surgical LED Headlamp System

SKU: IL-2410
5,524.71 5,524.71 5524.71 AUD

Photolamp 15W 230V Red 77841422 E27

SKU: 912540
61.77 61.77 61.77 AUD