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LED Lighting is one of the more energy efficient modern technologies to help save on those high energy bills for residential & business consumers.

LED (Light-emitting Diode) is a semiconductor light source in which it emits light when current flows through it. They can be up to 85% more efficient in energy than standard incandescent or halogen globes as well as having a longer life span.

GMT Lighting carries a wide range of LED categories & brands to choose from to suit all residential & commercial business needs.

View our range of LED's today and start saving!

Deluxlite Silver LED Highbay 260W 240V 5000K

1,059.97 1,059.97 1059.97 AUD

Silver LED Highbay 160W 240V 5000K

851.28 851.28 851.28 AUD

High Power LED Highbay PC 80W 6500K

817.40 817.40 817.4 AUD

Silver LED Highbay 75W 4000K

533.12 533.12 533.12 AUD

LED Corn Light 125W Clear 5000K E40

462.46 462.46 462.46000000000004 AUD

LED Corn Light 80W Clear 5000K E40

350.69 350.69 350.69 AUD

5W LED Solar Bollard Light 3K/5K 450LM-500LM

229.59 229.59 229.59 AUD

Outdoor Solar LED Wall Light 5W 6000K-6500K

154.77 154.77 154.77 AUD

LED Corn Light 27W Frost 3000K E27

159.59 159.59 159.59 AUD

LED Corn Light 54W Clear 5000K E40

140.13 140.13 140.13 AUD

LED Corn Light 36W Clear 3000K E27

149.08 149.08 149.08 AUD

15W 12V Blue Color Underwater Swimming Pool LED Light

66.07 66.07 66.07000000000001 AUD

SmartLIGHT Color 9W LED Bluetooth Control E27 Dimmable

111.71 111.71 111.71000000000001 AUD