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Halogen globes produce a perfect light, with high CRI and higher colour temperatures. We supply a large range of wattages, base types and a huge variety of lighting types. Check out our GLS Halogen Lights, Candle Halogen, G9 Halogen, Linear Halogen Lights, or explore our full range.

Halogen MR16 35W 55D 2950K 12V GU5.3 W/W

SKU: 79233
11.10 11.10 11.1 AUD

JD Halogen Lamp Clear 500W 2700K 240V E11

SKU: 066240500
33.66 33.66 33.660000000000004 AUD

Halogen GLS Globe Clear 70W 240V B22

SKU: G62576
7.01 7.01 7.01 AUD

Linear Halogen Lamp 500W 240V 118mm R7s

SKU: Q500
7.66 7.66 7.66 AUD

JD Halogen Lamp Clear 150W 2700K 120V E11

SKU: H21656
27.29 27.29 27.29 AUD

JD Halogen Lamp Clear 150W 2700K 240V E11

SKU: H21657
27.83 27.83 27.830000000000002 AUD

JD Halogen Lamp Clear 100W 2700K 240V E11

SKU: H21655
25.41 25.41 25.41 AUD

JD Halogen Lamp Clear 250W 2700K 240V E11

SKU: H21659
29.04 29.04 29.04 AUD