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Fluorescent lights operate by ionizing mercury vapour in a glass tube. Causing electrons in the ghas to emit photons at various UV frequencies. UV light is then converted into standard light, using phoshor coating which is visible inside the tubes.

Fluorescrent lamps come in a range of sizes. Mainly (T2,T4,T5,T8) circular (T5, T9)and 2D. Some operate on iron core ballasts or electronic ballast.

Many manufactures have a product range for example Philips (Alto), Osram (Lumilux), Sylvania (Luxline).

Nowadays, LED tubes are a new form of energy efficient lighting that can replace fluorescent tubes.

Master TL5 HO High Output Fluorescent 24W 4000K G5 563mm

SKU: 200773
22.65 22.65 22.650000000000002 AUD

TL-X XL 20W/33-640 58V FA6 611mm

SKU: 6822
121.00 121.00 121.0 AUD

T5 Fluorescent Tube 6W 6500K G5 225mm

SKU: 260863
8.95 8.95 8.950000000000001 AUD

T5 Fluorescent Tube 4W 4000K G5 150mm

SKU: 260860
10.70 10.70 10.700000000000001 AUD