Osram Dulux L Blue Light 71 Color 18W


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    Areas of application 

    • Polymerization of blue-sensitive plastics, adhesives, paints and dyes (BLUE)
    • Curing plastics (BLUE UVA)
    • Sealing surfaces in dentistry (BLUE UVA)
    • Cosmetic finger nail treatments (BLUE UVA)
    • Insect traps (BLUE UVA)
    • Exposure during printed circuit board manufacturing (BLUE UVA)
    • Terrariums (BLUE UVA)
    • Scientific investigations (BLUE UVA)

    Bilirubin therapy lighting – effective and efficient

    Placing new born babies under blue light is a preferred method of treating them for jaundice. The short-wave light enables the bilirubin to change into a water-soluble isomer. It can then be excreted from the body.  

    This treatment, also known as phototherapy, calls for lamps of exceptional efficiency, quality and durability. OSRAM offers lighting solutions that have been designed specifically for this application.


    Brand OSRAM
    Application Bilirubin therapy lighting
    Finish Opal


    Voltage 110V
    Wattage 18W 37mA


    Base CFL Base - 2G11[4 Pin]
    Bulb Type single U Tube


    Weight 0.1000