SM345C 4xTUV PLS 9W HFM UV-C Disinfection Upper Air CM Ceiling Mount UVC Fixture 38W 230V 360D


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    The Philips APF-CM Series Ceiling Mount features full aluminium construction with a 360° beam pattern. Enhancing infection prevention with innovative and reliable UV systems.

    General Information:
    - Number of Light Sources: 4  [4 pcs]
    - Number of Gear Units: Four units
    - Gear: HFM  [HF Matchbox]
    - Optic Type: L  [Lamellae louver]
    - Connection Type: PI  [Push-in connector 3-pole]
    - Protection Class: Safety class I (I)
    - Glow Wire Test: 650/30  [ Temperature 650 °C, duration 30 s]

    Operating and Electrical:
    - Input Voltage: 230V
    - Input Frequency: 50 Hz
    - Inrush Current: 13 A
    - Inrush Time: 0.11 ms
    - Power Factor (min.): 0.64

    Controls and Dimming:
    - Dimmable: No

    Mechanical and Housing:
    - Housing Material: Aluminium
    - Reflector Material: Aluminium
    - Optic Material: Aluminium
    - Mounting Device: Frame for recessed mounting
    - Overall Length: 595 mm
    - Overall Width: 595 mm
    - Overall Height: 155 mm
    - Colour: White and Black

    Approval and Application:
    - Ingress Protection Code: IP20  [Finger-protected]

    Reliable protection is paramount
    Airborne viruses and bacteria such as Tuberculosis contaminate the air trapped indoors and can pose a real health threat. Upper-Room UVC is a proven infection control measure that can have an effect similar to 10-20 ACH; seriously enhancing your environmental infection control levels. Upper-Room UVC requires not only a system that ensures high output of UVC in the Upper-Room and safe levels in the lower part of the room, but a reliable lamp/ballast combination, a solid construction and coating as well. In addition to this, ease of installation and maintenance are very important too. All Philips fixtures are designed with these important features in mind.

    Furthermore, we can guide you through the entire process of planning, installing and maintaining the installation. We can provide standard operating procedures but also train personnel, at home and abroad, in maintaining UV-systems and measuring UV-levels. 

    What is Upper-Room UVC?
    Philips Upper-Room UV systems are powerful instruments to disinfect the upper air layers within rooms. Because they use parabolic reflectors, and non-reflective lamellas they are able to create a germicidal zone of UV rays that is strictly confined to the upper part of a room, leaving the lower part of the room within safe levels. Natural or mechanical ventilation within rooms ensures that the contaminated room-air passes through the UV-C zone and will be disinfected. This method is also called zone irradiation or upper air irradiation.

    Independent studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of Upper-Room UVC and it has become an important and effective addition to other infection control measures. Well planned and maintained Upper-Room UVC will help prevent transmission of airborne diseases.


    Brand Philips
    Finish White and Black


    Voltage 230V
    Wattage 38W
    Dimmable No


    Bulb Type UV-C Disinfection
    Beam Angle 360°


    Product Dimensions 595 x 595 x 155mm
    Weight 7.5kg