Philips Special Colored Fluorescent Tld 36w Blue

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TL-D Colored family

This TL-D lamp (tube diameter 26 mm) helps to create special effects and atmospheres or attract attention by using red, green, blue and yellow light.

Apart from using the specific colors, it is also possible to mix the colors to create white light.

This lamp offers a high light output, thanks to the use of basic powders.

Application areas include shops and showrooms, bars and restaurants, demonstration areas, sign lighting and entertainment stores.


  • The fluorescent powders of Red and Yellow lamps are mixed with a pigment to filter out unwanted wavelengths
  • Can be used with conventional or electronic gear
  • Depending on the control gear, dimming is possible


  • For color effects in stage lighting, shop-window lighting, festive lighting, bars, dance halls etc.