Philips Actinic Special Secura Shatterproof Black Light TL D 15W

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perfect for attracting insects, with shatterproof sleeve
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Philips Special Actinic Secura Shatterproof BL TL D 15W

– Optimized spectrum that match house fly’s eyes sensitivity, Philips Actinis is perfect for attracting insects

– Virtually no UV output, and are safe

– Lowest mercury content (8.0 m)

– 100% lead free neon lamp

– Enviromental friendly light bulb

–  The shatterproof sleeve helps to keep all glass and components together in case of accidental lamp breakage. As a result, you can eliminate any risk of glass splinters in products due to lamp breakage.

– Emits long-wave UV-A radiation in the 350-400nm range 
– UV-B/UV-A ratio less than 0.1 % (UV-B 280-315nm) 
– 100% lead-free 
– Shatterproof sleeve

– Insect Traps
– Diazo printing machine
– Photochemical processes