LED Tri-Colour Downlight 9W 750LM Dimmable

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LED Tri -Colour Back Switch Downlight – 3000K/4000K/5000K

Tri-Colour downlights present a new innovation in downlight technology. Unlike downlights of the past – such as GU10s or MR16s, these need no transformer or special fittings. This downlight uses a direct connection to an AC power supply thanks to integrated control gear and provides an energy-saving alternative to luminaires that use halogen lamps.

Not only that, but as the name suggests, this downlight comes with a tri-colour option, using a switch at the back to choose between three of the most common colour temperatures. No need to shop around for different bulbs based on your preference, as this light gives you the option of changing it from warm white, daylight and cool white.

You may be wondering why Colour Temperature is such an important aspect of lighting – the answer being simple. This measurement can drastically change how the atmosphere of a room appears when lit.

  • 2500K-3000K  –  Warm White Light gives off a golden glow. It closely mimics the feeling of candle or firelight.
  • 3100K-4500K: Cool White/Neutral White is the middle ground for your choices. This light is neither warm or cold, but rather similar to sunlight. Great for areas such as the kitchen, bathroom and studies – this is an all-purpose lighting temperature and the safe bet if you’re unsure of warm white.
  • 5000K-6500K: Daylight/White Light this light is very bright, and very blue. It could be described as glaringly bright. Often used in commercial settings– from warehouses, to offices, to hospitals and other areas where adequate lighting and high lumen is important.

Product Features:

– Tri Colour Switch – 3000K/4000K/5000K
– Direct connection to AC power supply thanks to integrated control gear
– Energy-saving alternative to luminaires that use halogen lamps
– 36,000 hrs Long life
– 90mm Cutout with IC-4 insulation rating – can be covered by thermal insulation.
– IP44 splash proof
– Kit Includes  LED Downlight with integrated electronic control gear, 1.2-metre flex & plug.
– Bright, robust and durable
– Uniform room illumination